Configuration Variables Reference Table

As of 08/01/2018
Configuration Configuration Property Value Description
DBPBSInterfaces CodeRelationInput CODEREL.txt Input file for the code relation extract
DBPBSInterfaces CodeRelationOutput PBScoderelation.txt Output file for the code relation extract
DBPBSInterfaces InputDirectory D:\IFS\PBSDATA\ Location for input files
DBPBSInterfaces OutputDirectory C:\ProdLib\FILES\PBSEXTRACT\ Location for output files
DBPBSInterfaces AccountInput ACCOUNT.txt Input file for the PNA Account interface
DBPBSInterfaces AccountOutput PBSaccount.txt Output file for the account interface
DBPBSInterfaces AlertEmail APINQUIRE@ABC.COM Email address for alerts
DBPBSInterfaces AlertFile PBSALRTPRT.txt Alert file
DBPBSInterfaces ArchiveDirectory ARCHIVE PNA Interface archive directory
DBPBSInterfaces CodeOutput PBScdreexp.txt Code output file
DBPBSInterfaces CodeRelationInput CODEREL.txt Input file for the code relation extract
DBPBSInterfaces CodeRelationOutput PBScoderelation.txt Output file for the code relation extract
DBPBSInterfaces EPMTDirectory EPAYMENTS Directory for epayments interface
DBPBSInterfaces EPMTFile epmntfiles.txt EPMT File
DBPBSInterfaces InputDirectory PBSDATA Location for input files
DBPBSInterfaces Invoice Input PBSACRCH.txt Input file for invoice interface
DBPBSInterfaces InvoiceOutput PBSinvoicepaymentonetime.txt Output file for invoice interface
DBPBSInterfaces InvoicePayment invpmnt.txt Invoice payment file
DBPBSInterfaces ObjectError PBSobjexperr.txt Object error file
DBPBSInterfaces ObjectInput OBJECT.txt Input file for object interface
DBPBSInterfaces ObjectOutput PBSobject.txt Output file for object interface
DBPBSInterfaces OutputDirectory PBSDATA Location for output files
DBPBSInterfaces PBSAROCBL_perl Temp perl filename
DBPBSInterfaces PBSSUPPCL_perl perl file to extract data
DBPBSInterfaces PODisFile PBSpodsexp.txt PO Distribution extract file
DBPBSInterfaces POHDRFile PBSPOHDEXP.txt PH Header extract file
DBPBSInterfaces POHeaderOutput PBSpoheader.txt Output file for the PO header
DBPBSInterfaces POLineAccount PBSpolineaccount.txt Output file for PO Line Account
DBPBSInterfaces POLineFile PBSpolnexp.txt PO Line extract
DBPBSInterfaces POLineOutput PBSpoline.txt Output file for PO line
DBPBSInterfaces ReceiptOutput PBSinvpmt.txt Invoice receipt output file
DBPBSInterfaces SuppExpBackup PBSsuppexp_bk.txt Supplier export backup file
DBPBSInterfaces SupplierExport PBSsuppexp.txt supplier export file
ETInterfaces AddlEmailsTo Address for additional emails
ETInterfaces AddlEmailsToTest Test email alerts
ETInterfaces BeckMntlyDirectory BECKMTLY
ETInterfaces BeckMtlyDir BECKMTLY
ETInterfaces DeckerSchema Decker
ETInterfaces CHGORD CHGORD EP Change order directory
ETInterfaces CONF CONF Shipping confirmation directory
ETInterfaces CRTORD CRTORD Create order file directory
ETInterfaces CRTORDTest C:\INBOUND\EP\TESTDATA\CRTORD Create order test
ETInterfaces DBHost 10.954.200.150
ETInterfaces DBName ABC
ETInterfaces DBP U'CS9mCg'uhpvofSFeubz2T
ETInterfaces DBU sa
ETInterfaces EPBaseDir C:\clientftp\outbound Base Directory for EP Files
ETInterfaces EPTestDirectory C:\INBOUND\EP\TESTDATA EP Test data
ETInterfaces EP_Notifications,
ETInterfaces EXTRACTDIR C:\clientftp\IFS\BECKMTLY\
ETInterfaces ExtractDirectory C:\INBOUND\IFS\BECKMTLY\
ETInterfaces ORG ORG Customer Directory
ETInterfaces RPT2324 RPT2324.csv
ETInterfaces RPT2324C RPT2324C.csv
ETInterfaces RPT2324CFile RPT2324C.csv
ETInterfaces RPT2324File RPT2324.csv
ETInterfaces RPT2INV1File RPT2INV1.csv
ETInterfaces RTNORD RTNORD Return order directory
ETInterfaces RV14INV2File RV14INV2.csv
ETInterfaces ServerTestFile q.csv File name used to test the server
ETInterfaces SettlementDirectory SETTLEMENT The settlement directory
ETInterfaces SettlementDirectoryTest REISTEST\SETTLEMENT Settlement directory for testing
ETInterfaces TestEmailAddress Email address to use for testing
FTP_Redline Destination QA
FTP_Redline FiscalYear 2017 debug FY
FTP_Redline debugmode TRUE Use the provided fiscal year if in debug
FTP_JPMC Destination DropBox\ARP-CHKISSUE Destination folder on the JPMC FTP server
FTP_PBS Destination inbound PNA FTP destination folder
FTP_eprint ProcessAdminEmail Lawson Support Outlook Group
FTP_eprint RefundErrsNotification Send process refund reject status
HRM_WFM_Interface DeleteCSV N Deletion flag for created CSV file
HRM_WFM_Interface FTPLocation Location value for file transfer
IPA_Data_Connector IPASchema lm_ipa
Landmark_Data_Connector LMGENSchema lm_gen
Landmark_Data_Connector LMKSchema lm_gen
PAYPAL DEBUG 2 0=off, 1=errors only, 2=all
PAYPAL PayPalAccountID Account ID, as assigned by PAYPAL
PAYPAL PayPalAccountPW PayPal account password
PAYPAL PayPalFromEMail Will be used as "From:" address in flow emails
PAYPAL PayPalPARTNER PayPal As assigned by PayPal
PAYPAL PayPalServer PayPal SERVER reference portion of URL
PAYPAL PayPalService /transaction PayPal SERVICE portion of URL
PAYPAL PayPalVENDOR Vendor ID, As assigned by PAYPAL
PAYPAL XMLPayAdminEMailList List of your admin email addresses, comma-separated
PRODLIB_Data_Connector DeckerSchema Decker
S3_CPM_Connector base_currency_code USD
S3_CPM_Connector cpm_version used for employee, event, and writeback
S3_CPM_Connector currency_rate_budget_number
S3_CPM_Connector currency_table
S3_CPM_Connector exportFileDir C:\CPMexport
S3_CPM_Connector fiscal_year 2012
S3_CPM_Connector isS3Oracle FALSE
S3_CPM_Connector n_periods 12
S3_CPM_Connector nq_company optional: AUs in this compay wont be qualified; must be same as CPM view
S3_Data_Connector LSFHost 10.999.2.53
S3_Data_Connector LSFSchema ls_apps
S3_ION_Connector AdminEmailAddresses List of email addresses, comma-separated.
S3_ION_Connector BRAZIL_Outbound_XRateNumeric Brazil XRateNumeric
S3_ION_Connector BillToPartyMaster_Outbound_AccountingEntity_All Bill To Accounting Entityy
S3_ION_Connector DME_Delimiter ~~ DME Delimiter
S3_ION_Connector EnableZeroCost N Set the value to Y in order to support Zero Cost POs and Invoices.
S3_ION_Connector Generic_Delimiter @@ Generic Delimiter
S3_ION_Connector ION_Connector_Version Installed ION Connector Version
S3_ION_Connector Lawson_Apps_Release 10.9.6 Lawson Applications Release Level. e.g., 10.9, 9.0.1
S3_ION_Connector ProcessReceiveDelivery_Inbound_ReferenceNo_Prefix Reference Number Prefix Flag
S3_ION_Connector ProcessRemittanceAdvice_Default_Vendor If no value is provided in the incoming BOD this Vendor will be used.
S3_ION_Connector ProcessSourceSystemJournalEntry_GL165_UserName The user name used for process journal entries created by ProcessSourceSystemJournalEntry BOD.
S3_ION_Connector ProcessSourceSystemJournalEntry_Max_BODs_In_Memory 1000 Number of BODs to be held in memory prior to writing to dbimport CSV file.
S3_ION_Connector ProcessSupplierInvoice_In_AP520Username Process SupplierInvoice AP520 Username
S3_ION_Connector ProcessSupplierInvoice_In_OnlineFlag Y Process SupplierInvoice Online or Batch Indicator
S3_ION_Connector ShowChartOfAccounts_DeleteCSV Y Show Chart Of Accounts Delete CSV flag
S3_ION_Connector ShowChartOfAccounts_ToLogicalID infor.lawson-s3.1 LogicalID of ShowChartOfAccounts recipient
S3_ION_Connector ShowCodeDefinition_DeleteCSV Y Show Code Definition Delete CSV flag
S3_ION_Connector ShowCodeDefinition_ToLogicalID LogicalID of ShowCodeDefinition recipient
S3_ION_Connector ShowCustPrtyMstr_ToLogicalID LogicalID of ShowCustomerPartyMaster recipient
S3_ION_Connector ShowInvoiceListing_ToLogicalID LogicalID of ShowInvoice recipient
S3_ION_Connector ShowInvoice_DeleteCSV Y Show Invoice Delete CSV flag
S3_ION_Connector ShowItemMaster_ToLogicalID infor.lawson-s3.1 LogicalID of ShowItemMaster recipient
S3_ION_Connector ShowPayFromPartyMaster_ToLogicalID LogicalID of ShowPayFromPartyMaster recipient
S3_ION_Connector ShowSourceSystemGLMovement_DeleteCSV Y Show Source System GL Movement Delete CSV flag
S3_ION_Connector ShowSourceSystemGLMovement_ToLogicalID infor.lawson-s3.1 LogicalID of ShowSourceSystemGLMovement recipient
S3_ION_Connector ShowSourceSystemJournalEntry_DeleteCSV Y Show Source System Journal Entry Delete CSV flag
S3_ION_Connector ShowSourceSystemJournalEntry_ToLogicalID infor.lawson-s3.1 LogicalID of ShowSourceJournalEntry recipient
S3_ION_Connector ShowSupplierInvoice_DeleteCSV Y Show Supplier Invoice Delete CSV flag
S3_ION_Connector ShowSupplierInvoice_ToLogicalID LogicalID of ShowSupplierInvoice recipient
S3_ION_Connector ShowSupplierPartyMaster_ToLogicalID infor.lawson-s3.1 LogicalID of ShowSupplierPartyMaster recipient
S3_ION_Connector SupplierPartyMaster_Outbound_AccountingEntity_All SupplierPartyMaster_Outbound_AccountingEntity_All
S3_ION_Connector SyncFaOrderToInvoice_AR_Default_Process_Level Default AR Interface Process Level
S3_ION_Connector SyncFaOrderToInvoice_In_AuthCode Default Auth Code for AP26 Release
S3_ION_Connector SyncFaOrderToInvoice_In_FromEmail BROrder To Invoice From Email
S3_ION_Connector SyncFaOrderToInvoice_In_Include_AOC_Fl Y Determines if AOC will be included in OE30 credit memo
S3_ION_Connector SyncFaOrderToInvoice_In_Inv_Disp Default inventory disposition for OE30 sales returns
S3_ION_Connector SyncFaOrderToInvoice_In_Inv_Type Default item type for Brazil price complements
S3_ION_Connector SyncFaOrderToInvoice_In_Invc_Type Default invoice type for Brazil price complements
S3_ION_Connector SyncFaOrderToInvoice_In_Process_Lvl Default process level for OrderToInvoice transactions
S3_ION_Connector SyncFaOrderToInvoice_In_Reason_Code Default reason code for OE30 sales returns
S3_ION_Connector SyncFaOrderToInvoice_In_Return_Invc_Type Default Invoice Type for OE30 Release
S3_ION_Connector SyncFaOrderToInvoice_In_ToEmail BROrder To Invoice To Email
S3_ION_Connector SyncFaOrderToInvoice_In_UserName BROrder To Invoice User Name
S3_ION_Connector SyncFaOrderToReceipt_In_AuthCode Default Auth Code for AP26 Release
S3_ION_Connector SyncFaOrderToReceipt_In_FromMail BROrder To Receipt From Email
S3_ION_Connector SyncFaOrderToReceipt_In_ToMail BROrder To Receipt To Email
S3_ION_Connector SyncFaOrderToReceipt_In_UserName BROrder To Receipt User Name
S3_ION_Connector SyncBillToPartyMstr_Outbound_AccountingEntity Bill To Accounting Entityy
S3_ION_Connector SyncContactMastr_Outbound_AccountingEntity SyncContactMastr_Outbound_AccountingEntity
S3_ION_Connector SyncCurrencyExchangeRate_Outbound_AccountingEntity Optional default Currency Exchange Rate Accounting Entity
S3_ION_Connector SyncCurrencyExchangeRate_Outbound_RateType Optional default Currency Exchange Rate Type
S3_ION_Connector SyncCustomerPartyMaster_Inbound_DefaultCode AR Customer Default Code
S3_ION_Connector SyncFinancialCalendar_Outbound_AccountingEntity Accounting Entity for AC Financial Calendar
S3_ION_Connector SyncFinancialPartyMstr_Outbound_AccountingEntity Financial party Accounting Entity
S3_ION_Connector SyncICLocationInbound_FreightAcct This account will be used in the Freight account field.
S3_ION_Connector SyncICLocationInbound_FreightAcctUnit This account will be used in the Freight accounting unit field.
S3_ION_Connector SyncICLocationInbound_FreightSubAcct This sub account will be used in the Freight sub account field.
S3_ION_Connector SyncICLocationInbound_HandlingAcct This account will be used in the Handling account field.
S3_ION_Connector SyncICLocationInbound_HandlingAcctUnit This account will be used in the Handling accounting unit field.
S3_ION_Connector SyncICLocationInbound_HandlingSubAcct This sub account will be used in the Handling sub account field.
S3_ION_Connector SyncICLocationInbound_InspectionHoldAcct This account will be used in the Inspection Hold account field.
S3_ION_Connector SyncICLocationInbound_InspectionHoldAcctUnit This account will be used in the Inspection Hold accounting unit field.
S3_ION_Connector SyncICLocationInbound_InspectionHoldSubAcct This sub account will be used in the Inspection Hold sub account field.
S3_ION_Connector SyncICLocationInbound_ReturnsSuspenseAcct This account will be used in the Returns Suspense account field.
S3_ION_Connector SyncICLocationInbound_ReturnsSuspenseAcctUnit This account will be used in the Returns Suspense accounting unit field.
S3_ION_Connector SyncICLocationInbound_ReturnsSuspenseSubAcct This sub account will be used in the Returns Suspense sub account field.
S3_ION_Connector SyncICLocationInbound_ScrapAcct This account will be used in the Scrap account field.
S3_ION_Connector SyncICLocationInbound_ScrapAcctUnit This account will be used in the Scrap accounting unit field.
S3_ION_Connector SyncICLocationInbound_ScrapSubAcct This sub account will be used in the Scrap sub account field.
S3_ION_Connector SyncInvoice_Inbound_BatchNumber Batch Number used for AR Invoice Interface transactions.
S3_ION_Connector SyncItemMaster_DefaultLocation Location to use in header
S3_ION_Connector SyncLawsonTaxRateMaster_Outbound_AccountingEntity Lawson Tax Rate Master Accounting Entity
S3_ION_Connector SyncLawsonTaxTableMaster_Outbound_AccountingEntity Lawson Tax Table Master Accounting Entity
S3_ION_Connector SyncPerson_Inbound_DefaultTerritory Default territory for a Sales Representative
S3_ION_Connector SyncPurchaseOrder_Inbound_Account Account for ION_SyncPurchaseOrder_Inbound process
S3_ION_Connector SyncPurchaseOrder_Inbound_AccountingUnit Accounting Unit for ION_SyncPurchaseOrder_Inbound process
S3_ION_Connector SyncPurchaseOrder_Inbound_DefaultBuyer Default buyer for ION_SyncPurchaseOrder_Inbound process
S3_ION_Connector SyncPurchaseOrder_Inbound_Email Email for PO's that need to be Released manually.
S3_ION_Connector SyncPurchaseOrder_Inbound_SubAccount Sub Account for ION_SyncPurchaseOrder_Inbound process
S3_ION_Connector SyncReceiveDelivery_Inbound_Combine_PO_Receipts SyncReceiveDelivery_Inbound_Combine_PO_Receipts_(Y/N)
S3_ION_Connector SyncReceiveDelivery_Inbound_Maximun_Number_Count Counter
S3_ION_Connector SyncReceiveDelivery_Inbound_ReferenceNo_Prefix Reference Number Prefix Flag
S3_ION_Connector SyncRemitToPartyMaster_Out_AccountingEntity SyncRemitToPartyMaster_Out_AccountingEntity
S3_ION_Connector SyncSSGLMovement_DeleteCSV Y Sync Source System GL Movement Delete CSV flag
S3_ION_Connector SyncShipFromPartyMstr_Outbound_AccountingEntity Ship From Accounting Entity
S3_ION_Connector SyncSourceSystemJournalEntry_DeleteCSV Y Sync Source System Journal Entry Delete CSV flag
S3_ION_Connector SyncSupplierPartyMaster_Outbound_AccountingEntity SyncSupplierPartyMaster_Outbound_AccountingEntity
S3_ION_Connector VendorClass Vendor Class
S3_ION_Connector logicalID infor.lawson-s3.1 Logical ID for S3 applications. eg. lid://infor.s3.yourcompany
S3_ION_Connector releaseID 9.2 OAGI BOD release ID
S3_ION_Connector tenantID infor A unique Tenant ID for your installation
S3_ION_Connector versionID 2.8.0 Infor BOD version ID
S3_XM_Connector BaseDir C:\lsenv\law\lsapps\work\IPAFILES Working directory for IPA processes
S3_XM_Connector DataDirectory /lawson/XM Working directory for data from XM to S3
S3_XM_Connector DataFileDirectory /lawson/XM Working directory for S3 to XM data
S3_XM_Connector JavaHomeDirectory /lawson/XM Directory for Java Home
S3_XM_Connector LSFSchema ls_apps
S3_XM_Connector ProcessedFilesDirectory /lawson/XM/ProcessedData Directory that holds processed data from XM to S3
S3_XM_Connector ReceivedFilesDirectory /lawson/XM/DownloadedData Directory of downloaded from from XM to S3
S3_XM_Connector SendFileDirectory /lawson/XM/Sent Dirctory of data sent from S3 to XM
S3_XM_Connector XMDBToolBinDirectory /lawson/xmdbtool/bin Location of xmdbtool bin directory
SyncPayrollSI CrossRefAPComp N Cross Reference flag
SyncPayrollSI FTPLocation Location value for file transfer
SyncPayrollSI SyncPayrollSI_DeleteCSV N Deletion flag for created CSV file
VertexO AdminEmailAddresses List of admin email addresses, comma separated
VertexO HostName URL and Port to Vertex server
VertexO Password Vertex Account Password
VertexO TrustedId Identifier to login
VertexO UserName Vertex User ID
WFM_HRM_Interface DeleteCSV N Deletion flag for created CSV file
WFM_HRM_Interface FTPLocation Location value for file transfer
main AC_Notifications,,
main ADP_FTP_DEST_LOCATION /ftpserv/wsftp/FileDir/ADP
main AHFTYPE T AHFTYPE value for LWCLP104
main AP190A AP190 AP190 Batch Progroam in S3
main AP_Notifications,,
main Redline_FTP_DEST_LOCATION /ftpserv/wsftp/FileDir/iSeries
main BOA_FTP_DEST_LOCATION /ftpserv/wsftp/FileDirFTP
main BR151_OBJID 486300 BR151 starting object id
main BatchJobOwner INFOR\srv-ipabatchuserqa
main BatcjJobOwner INFOR\lawson
main DoNotReply
main FTPFilePath \clientftp
main FTPFilePayh C:\clientftp
main FileMoverStaging C:\INBOUND\ProdLib\TEMP\FileMover Staging directory for file mover process
main FilePath C:\INBOUND
main FilePathLocal C:\INBOUND\ProdLib\FILES
main ITNotfications
main IT_CC_Notifications
main IT_Notications
main IT_Notifications
main IT_notifications
main JobAC190 AC190-AUTO
main JobAC190Owner INFOR\lawson
main JobAP175 AP175-AUTO
main JobAP175Owner INFOR\lawson
main JobAP190 AP190
main JobMA126 MA126-AUTO
main JobMA126Owner INFOR\lawson
main JobOwnerAP190 INFOR\lawson
main JobUserAP190 INFOR\lawson
main LMKFilePath \\dc1-w-lawipa1p\d$\ProdLib\FILES
main LMKSchema Who Knows
main LMRKEndJobFilePathLocal C:\INBOUND\ProdLib\ENDJOB
main LMRKFilePathLocal C:\INBOUND\ProdLib\FILES
main LSFLaw10 C:\lsenv
main LSFLawQA \\dc2-w-lawlsf1t\d$\lawqa
main LawAppDev, Failure Notifications
main LawsonDB 10.999.2.53 Server name used in perl scripts
main LawsonProdWebRun INFOR\srv-ipabatchuserqa
main LawsonQAWebRun SISQA2\LAWSON
main LsfDDollar D:\
main LsfLAWDIR \law10\law
main LsfPrintDir \law10\law\print
main LsfSchema ls_apps
main MHCImgExpServer
main NT_FTP_DEST_LOCATION /ftpserv/wsftp/FileDirFTP
main NetUseLsfD net use D:\ /USER:lawson Mifflin1! /PERSISTENT:YES
main OnPremDB 10.410.43.35 Server name used in Perl scripts
main OnPremPW Crawfish@2018
main PBS_FTP_DEST_LOCATION \ftpserv\PBS_Lawson\OUT
main PgmPath C:\ProdLib\EXE
main ProdLibFilePath C:\clientftp\ProdLib ProdLib file path
main Trigger \\dc1-w-lawipa1p\d$\ProdLib\TRIGGERS
main TriggerPath C:\INBOUND\ProdLib\TRIGGERS
main Vend_Approvers
main inbasket https://ADTALEMTEST-LM01.CLOUD.INFOR.COM:1987/lsapps/Lpa/home?csk.PfiInbasketLandingPage=Infor
main lwpfpchk POPCHKTEST lwpfpchk filename for LWCLP104
main lwpfpchkcu EQYCHKTEST lwpfpchkcu filename for LWCLP104cu
main tempdir C:\INBOUND\ProdLib\TEMP temp dir
system fileAccessCheckTime
system mailFrom
system mailServer
system timeOutActionUser